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Another year has drawn to a close with the A team 4th at the Championships and the B Team 6th in the Intermediate competition. The Junior A team ended up on the podium in 2nd spot, so congratulations to all involved.

A long 8 months of training and competition has ended - unfortunately we were unable to reach HOYS on this occasion.

To those who are ineligible next year, we hope you have enjoyed your years with the AHPPC teams and we wish you all the best with your future equestrian activities.

To those who will be available for 2013, we look forward to seeing you in January for the beginning of training for another year. All the details will appear here on the AHPPC website and hopefully we will have better luck with the weather and avoid so many competitions being cancelled.

“Thank you” to all those who have trained, helped, supported and been a part of the 2012 AHPPC effort.