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3rd at Championships Final

Mounted Games Report 2014

Oh so near, but oh so far! – 2014 - a year with tremendous promise ended in despair for the AHPPC Seniors while the Juniors put in a top performance at the Championships following a solid season.

As usual everything started back in January at Witham Villa indoor arena with some new faces and a record number of participants especially amongst the Juniors.


For the Seniors three new members were going to be required to make a relatively new A team after last year’s exploits at HOYS in October. With three retiring from the previous year and Lottie Watson and Will Thirlby providing the back bone of the team it was time for a new look team for 2014. Competition for places was going to be hard fought and a bare 10 was going to make the B team a little more stretched than in previous years if anything untoward happened at any of the vital stages.
With training in full flow, the competitions came quick and fast and solid performances were registered early on and things were looking promising for the Area and Zone competitions. Lottie Watson was selected to ride for England at The Royal Windsor Horse Show in May and the A team came in as runners up to Warwickshire at the first competition suggesting things were going to pan out as expected. All looking good for Area where we knew we would be pitched against Warwickshire. A lame pony meant a complete reshuffle of the senior teams which depleted the B team considerably which meant for the first time in many years we were unable to qualify both teams for the Zone in June. Atherstone A were second and B were 6th.





So on to Zone, and once again the Warwickshire would be the target. Confidence was high with a  terrific win at the Cheshire Show 10 days earlier and all eyes would be on the two local branches going head to head at Moreton Morrell.  Warwickshire (the eventual winners of this year’s PPC at HOYS) were impeccable but the wheels came off for the Atherstone and with 4 races left going to the Championships was looking unlikely until normal service was resumed and 4 wins in a row secured a place at the Championships later in August.

Once again, the Atherstone A team were probably the favourites to take one of the HOYS places up for grabs at Championships. It was going to be a long day with two competitions involving up to 40 races if we were to succeed. The morning competition went well, winning by a clear 10 points which would need to be maintained in the afternoon final. It’s important to start well and keep scoring, you don’t have to win every race but you do need to score points! Unfortunately, errors crept into the performance and points started to slip away. A come back towards the end of the competition meant that the Atherstone could qualify on the last race as long as things fell into place. It so nearly did, but a miss is a good as a mile and one point separated second and third and huge disappointment was experienced by all involved. A good team had failed to qualify but it just goes to show that the margin between success and mediocrity is a fine margin although the Sir WWW’s and West Hants Pony Clubs had certainly done exactly what was required on the day and headed to HOYS.

It is the end of line for Lottie Watson, Will Thirby (also invited to represent England at The Curragh in Ireland in October) and Summer Falconbridge who are all past the grand old age of 15 on Jan 1st 2015. Lottie and Will can feel content that they both had the chance to represent the Atherstone PPC team at HOYS and both ride for England during their PPC careers. We wish them all well for their future equestrian activities.


So while the AHBC PPC senior team was having a torrid season, Shelia’s juniors were busying themselves with an excellent season.

Again, starting in January at Witham Villa over 20 under 11’s were getting excellent training from our seasoned group of trainers. The A and B team looked pretty strong from the beginning and an immediate win at the first competition set the standard for the season.

Week in week out training and competitions throughout the spring and summer there were some very busy parents and trainers. Team changes between the A and B led to some interesting results as finding the most balanced team seemed to take a little while. A great weekend at the Sir WWW’s brought a 1st place for the Atherstone Junior B team over the Junior A team to the enjoyment of the crowd. It’s good to share the winning around, but it provided the headache for the selectors!

Area was another display of the strength and depth of our juniors with 4 teams entered coming 2nd, 4th, 9th and 11th respectfully. Yet again beaten into 2nd place by are neighbours Warwickshire.

With 2 teams qualifying for Championships the most balanced team remained a tough call for the selectors but the call was made and the teams settled in for the Champs competition. And what a competition! Atherstone A were 2nd and on the podium after leading for half the competition eventually being beaten by the Oakley Hunt West.

Atherstone A Juniors - "Reserve Pony Club PPC Champions 2014" Elysee Williams-Ward & KC, Oliver Nugent & Tango, Sophie Reynolds & Mel, Freddie Jackson & Toffee, Poppy Shaw & Rosie. 6th member Ioney Hill
The B team did exceedingly well in the morning session but were unfortunate to miss out on the final in the afternoon.

Bosworth Show 2014

In July AHPPC was kindly invited to provide a demonstration / competition for the local show. Normally, when the Pony Club is invited to put on a show clubs invite others to create a competition.

However, when we were asked we thought it would be really spectacular if we could create a competition between all the AHPPC team members and trainers which we did! We had 5 teams made up of 1 trainer, 1 Senior A, 1 Senior B, 1 Junior A and 1 junior B and were able to demonstrate the ability and agility of all those that represent AHBPC at mounted games. What a success! Everyone who saw the demonstration said how fantastic the 25 riders and ponies were and what a credit they were to AHBPC, the DC, the trainers and parents who put in so much to produce excellent teams year in year out and massive enjoyment to all the children involved. THANK YOU to everyone for SUPPORTING and CONTRIBUTING to one of the BEST pony club mounted games organisations in the country.

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SOLIHULL 2013 was a great success and its down to the support and hard work of the Atherstone PPC parents and support team. Thank you and well done. Here are few of the emails we have recieved thanking us for putting on a great show!

"Very successful day hosted yesterday by your team of merry workers. Please send our Thanks to all." - Warwickshire Hunt Pony Club

"I just wanted to say on behalf of Cotswold Vale a huge thank you for a wonderful days competition - the organisation for the day was superb, and we greatly appreciate all the hours put it in by all your team to make a fabulous day for the children.

Please pass our thanks on to the chief steward, arena team and all your helpers." Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt Pony Club

"Firstly thank you for a lovely day yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed by all, please pass on my thanks to all your hard workers that made it possible." Monmouthshire Pony Club

"Thank you for a fantastic competition, I know it's a lot of planning and hard work. The children all had a great time. Once again thank you" - North Warwickshire Hunt Pony Club

"Thanks: we very much enjoyed your competition" - East Cheshire Pony Club

"Many thanks for a lovely comp yesterday, my team & parents all had a brilliant day. Many thanks" - Romney Marsh Pony Club