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Harriet Watson 15 riding Monty

James Allen 14 riding Pierre

Emily Berry 14 riding Karenzer

Will Thirlby 13 riding Tinky

Lottie Watson 13 riding Sid

Jody Goddard 11 - Non Riding Reserve

Virbac 3D Worming Pony Club Mounted Games at HOYS

The Virbac 3D Worming Pony Club Mounted Games is one of the most popular and enduring features of Horse of the Year Show.

Six teams will have fought off over 250 other teams to qualify for HOYS and fiercely compete for the Virbac 3D Worming Cup over Wednesday and Thursday morning. Then from Thursday evening, let the battle commence for the esteemed Prince Philip Cup!

A high degree of athletic ability, hand-to-eye coordination and a competitive spirit is needed, alongside the ability to work together with other riders, with a willingness to help your team members.

As the name suggests, Mounted Games are games on horseback. Visitors will witness old favourites such as Bending, Flag and Mug, as well as newer and perhaps more obscure ones as Tack Shop, Beanbag and the Pony Club Pole.

The Prince Philip Cup was first introduced at the 1957 Horse of the Year Show as an enduring challenge trophy and has been an integral part of this world-famous equestrian event ever since. The Pony Club Mounted Games was devised by HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. He recommended to the HOYS Show Director, Col. Sir Mike Ansell, that a competition based on Cavalry techniques would be entertaining, visually engaging and enhance rider skills and teamwork.


Its object is to encourage a higher standard of riding throughout the Pony Club and to stimulate a greater interest in riding among the future generation. The competition was designed to produce a spectacular competition using 'ordinary children on ordinary ponies'. 

Video Clip from 2009 - What's it like?


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