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Warwickshire Hunt Branch of the Pony Club Friendly

Date Sunday,18th Feb 2018
Venue Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex
Onley Grounds Farm 
Post Code

CV23 8AJ


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Distance from Market Bosworth: 32 miles

Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to find Onley Click Here

Details of Arrival Times, Start Times


Arrive no later than 30 minutes before your Tack Check time

CLICK HERE for Tack Check Timetable - - Not Available yet

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Click for Senior Score Sheet - Not Available yet

Click for Junior Score Sheet - Not Available yet


Arrive before 14:00

No formal briefing

Parents - be prepared to assist with line stewarding as requested / necessary.


Senior Heat 1 - 08:30
Senior Heat 2 - 09:00
Senior Heat 3 - 09:30
Senior Heat 4 - 10:00

Senior A Final - 10:30
Senior B Final - 11:00
Senior C Final - 11:30
Senior D Final - 12:00

Lead Rein (Lunch)

Junior Heat 1 - 14:30
Junior Heat 2 - 15:00
Junior Heat 3 - 15:30
Junior Heat 4 - 16:00

Junior A Final - 16:30
Junior B Final - 17:00
Junior C Final - 17:30
Junior D Final - 18:00

Message from Warwickshire -

Please be aware parking will be extremely tight , if transport can be shared we would be most grateful . There will be a parking steward on duty ,strictly no tying up of ponies at trailers or lorries at any time.

As always we hope that the day runs as smoothly as possible however, please be aware that heats or finals may run slightly later or earlier than originally planned, please make sure that you are attentive and conscious of this on the day.

There will be no briefing on the day of the competition due to timing so please email any questions that you have before the competition, although on the day of the chief steward will also be happy to assist any team trainers.

The warm up area is purely for warming up and not for running through any games due to space restrictions so please no equipment in this area.

Please also note that there will be no score sheets available on the day so please print and bring your own.

Trainers can talk to their team members from the viewing gallery. No trainers are allowed in the ring.

All teams must supply a line steward for your teams heat & two arena party to set up equipment.